2017 Engine addons!


    Included features :

    5 Classes - Knight / Archer / Mage / Thief / Shaman
    Completely working 3rd Job and Automatic Awakening System
    Buffer NPC and Buff Scrolls
    Mute system to mute a player
    International Dragon Spirit Scroll, Qigong, Perforation Shot, Demon Gong systems
    Hanin Mirrors
    Trigram System
    Jewel System + Pimping
    International Costumes only (no back decorations and weapon skins)
    International Riding System (no battle riding)
    EXP, Damage, Immortal Events
    Custom Fishing System which you can setup with custom chances
    Pet System which you can setup pick/heal/monster ID (only 1 pet slot)
    Summon Monster with returning Items system
    Battlefield, Party vs Party, Destructing Key Points, Protecting Leader, Last Man Standing, Duel Tournament PvP Systems
    F10 Ilyer Company System
    E-mok Boss System
    E-mok System with Certificates
    Happy Hour System
    Blob enable/disable with button B
    Daily Quests system
    Level up reward system via f/l
    Realtime Pimping/Mixing
    Realtime Bead of Fire half/full set bonus
    Realtime Imperial System
    Shadow of D'evah System - do 1 dmg to mob with any skill or auto attack
    Monster Summoning Scrolls
    Renting System
    International ItemShop system
    Custom items from Gold/Silver Pots
    Shop Rewards
    Mining System and MakeItem system for crafting with items etc
    Skillbook System
    Auto Summon, Notices, Timers etc
    Honor System & Shops
    Gap System to maintain EXP on certain level
    Box System
    Hunting System for Castle Owners / GvG winners
    Instance Dungeon (Picture of Hell)
    Soul Destruction, Rupture AoE if you want them or single target (custom configs)
    Disable Skills, Items on coordinates/maps
    Level up message
    Unblob system - setup which monsters you don't want to blob
    Max Level Cap
    Jail System
    Right-click item to open HTML inside script.pk
    CD Protection / Range Protection and much more!
    Anti-Ks System
    Shop/Mining Client Limit
    Shaman creation disable
    Dragon Spirit Scroll and Qigong Thunder/Insanity messages
    Vote button link and html setup
    Game Login HTML
    Multi-Client Option
    MD5 Protection